Brandys Evans Counselling Practice

March 2020

Brandys is an experienced Registered Clinical Counsellor, based in North Vancouver. She helps clients go from feeling emotional chaos to being emotionally grounded. Brandys has been growing her practice to include increased social media presence, offering virtual sessions and online courses.

Brandys Evans Counselling Practice
Tech Stack
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • WordPress
  • ConvertKit
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics

Brandys & I worked together to determine her brand's priorities and designed a website that fits her and her clientele's needs. It was decided that her new website would represent her brand and serve her clients in finding information regarding services and resources as well as communicate with her. Brandys had a clear vision for the design from the start: clean, easy-to-read website; white & nuetral tones brand colours. This was used as the basis for cohesive branding across all platforms; more specifically in designing her new website, social media banners & posts, as well as her free downloadable resources.


Given Brandys' needs, a WordPress child theme was used in developing a responsive website that allowed for easy maintenance in the future. It is important for Brandys to be able to easily manage the site as she frequently posts blogs.

Brandys was certain she needed an online booking feature in new website, as it would save her time playing telephone-tag with her clients. I began to explore third-party booking widgets and WordPress Plugins that could be used. WooCommerce Bookings, as used in LevelUp quickly came to mind. However, having to comply by BCACC's regulations, Brandys' business is restricted to using only approved programs since it would hold her clientele's confidential informations. OnCall Health was the winner and is embeded in the "Services" page.

Final Product

Although this project was "simple" in terms of developing, I view it as a highly valuable experience since it was among the first websites I launched live. Not only has it been rewarding to see an old friend grow her business, but I also got to put my skills to use with my first real client!