Pet-ography Business Brochure Website

November 2019


Pet-ography is a mock luxury pet photography service, based in Vancouver. The business brochure website serves as a platform for exisiting or potential clients to view services offered, the cost, and previous examples of work. This responsive website features a booking form that allows users to easily enquire about services and bookings.

Team Members
Tech Stack
  • Adobe XD
  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • SEO
  • Git

We had the freedom to decide what the client's goals would be, which allowed us to maximize our creativity. The business was created upon finding inspiring free stock images of dogs! Who doesn't love a cute pup?! Working with the bold colours of the pictures, we decided the website would feature bold colours, paired with one common neutral colour.

Colour Palette Website Banners

As our first group project, we were to use Git during the development process, which helped us understand the importance of clear and constant communication. The beauty of working in a team quickly became apparent as we could work together to debug our code.

Using Sass for styling allowed us to stay very organized. Following a mobile-first design, each page was developed for mobile devices first. Later, specific media queries were written for components. Using Sass was very advantageous as it allows for neat, easy-to-navigate modules.

*Pet-ography's contact form is not validated, as this assignment was completed before learning the necessary skills.

Final Product
Final Website